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We are the elementsLAB, an urban form and environment research group in the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. We are authors of elementsdb, a case-based database of comparatively measured and illustrated examples of urban land use 'elements'— buildings, streets and open spaces.

WHAT IS elementsdb?
catalogues comparably illustrated and measured examples of urban land uses. It is based on the concept that urban form is comprised of replicable elements (or cases)— parcels of land and public rights of way— that can be categorized by land use: open space; streets; residential; commercial; civic; and industrial, and can be organized by type and intensity.

Each elementsdb case is based on a real example, and is measured and illustrated to rigorous standards and graphic conventions. Included are data such as density, Floor Area Ratio (FAR), building and site use and coverage, and illustrative data such as photos, plans, and 3D models. Most information is collected from public sources and simplified from the source data for clarity and comparability.

This is a beta version of elementsdb. New cases are added regularly. You are seeing the "public" view- a shallow subset of the information available about each case. You are welcome to explore and use the database. We also welcome your feedback. If you wish to enter into an agreement for deeper access, please "sign up" below the login area.

Thanks to Vibrant Software, Vancouver, BC who continue to help us to create and maintain this web site. Thanks also to our current and former students and staff who have provided insight, skill and many hours in the creation of this content: Duncan Cavens, Doreen Leo, Alexander Man-Bourdon, Steve Lamb, Courtney Miller, Nicole Miller, Inna Olchovski, Phil Riley, Warren Scheske, Caroline Schutrumpf, Negin Shakibi, Mesa Sheriff, Nicholas Sinkewicz, Eric Siu, Elsa Snyder, Michael van der Laan, Kevin Zhang, Maxim Pravosoudov, Jon Salter, Alix Krahn. 

The development of elementsdb has been supported by grants and contracts from the following: Canada Foundation for Innovation, British Columbia Knowledge Development Fund, Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation, The City of Vancouver, Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, UBC Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund